How do I clean my new shower surround?

– Congratulations on your new shower surround!  The advantage to solid surface surrounds is you do not have to deal with grout!  Grout is very porous and absorbs moisture and can leave your bathroom smelling like mildew.   Our material is easy to clean and can stay looking brand new for years and years.  Our distributor has specific instructions on how to keep your surround clean, and these directions apply to any product we have installed for you (Durastone, Duraflex, or Sentrel).

How do I clean my new glass enclosure?

– Nothing helps a bathroom look luxurious and classy then a new and clean glass enclosure!  It is important to maintain your glass to avoid those tough to remove water spots.  If you have soft water, that will help with keeping your glass clean, but either way, simple and quick steps will keep your glass looking like the day we installed it.  Please follow the guidelines our glass distributor has made maintain your glass enclosure and doors.

What if I need a custom shower pan? (Shower design will not accommodate pre-molded shower pans)

– Not a problem.  Many of our customers have custom designed showers that are either too big, or the floor shape will not accommodate pre-molded shower pans.  We will visit your house at least two days in advance to installing the surround (typically the same day we come to take measurements) and we will “float” your floor.  We use a rubber liner and concrete to custom float your floor. We have floated well over a hundred floors for oddly shaped and sized showers.

How long does it take to install?

– We take pride in our  installers for being professional and fast (and clean)!  A standard sized tub surround without a window will take approximately two hours to install from start to finish, including clean up time.  Because custom showers vary in size and style, it is not possible to estimate how long a shower will take.  Generally, there isn’t a job we cannot completely finish in one day.*

*If you have chosen to purchase a shower surround and will also have us install a glass door or enclosure on the same surround, this will take longer than one day.  In order for us to get the tightest fit possible for your glass enclosure, we prefer to measure for glass after the surround has been installed.  Our glass lead time is approximately four days.  Also, if your shower floor requires us to custom float it, this will be done a minimum of one day before we come out to install the surround itself.

What is the cost of a standard sized tub surround?

– Our standard (and most purchased) tub surround is a white Duraflex tub surround.  This tub kit comes with a corner shelf, and costs $650.  This is the entire price including the installation!  A standard tub surround in Durastone or Sentrel ranges from $785 to $950 depending on the color.

What are the advantages to your material vs. cultured marble/corian?

– Duraflex and Sentrel products are lightweight, flexible, and completely non porous.  Cultured marble has been known to “yellow” over time and can easily crack.  The flexibility of our product accomodates the most difficult and unique shower layouts, without drastically increasing cost.  Cultured marble is competitive in price with our product for standard sized tub kits, but will be significantly more expensive in showers, particularly with complex layouts.

A frequent problem we encounter when redoing showers previously done in cultured marble is leaking.  The hole that is drilled in the floor sheet of cultured marble is never tight around the drain, and the space must be made up with silicone.  We are able to drill a hole in our material, as well as route out a very thin (the depth of the drain plate) and 1/2″ wide layer around the hole where the drain plate can slide tightly into place and is also flush with the floor sheet.  This makes the seal  around the drain water tight.  Cultured marble and tile guys are unable to do this.

What are the advantages to your material vs. tile? 

– Tile looks great, but grout can quickly look ugly, smell, and it is very hard to clean!  In order for grout to remain in decent condition it must be cleaned and sealed frequently (at least three times a year).

Our material looks great, and has the realistic appearance of tile, or better yet appears to be full slabs of marble or granite!  Our solid surface surrounds have far fewer seems, and best of all, they do not have grout!

What is the material made of?

– Please see the following graphics for descriptions and specifics regarding Duraflex and Sentrel products. (both graphics come directly from the suppliers)

Durastone is made by the same manufacturer of Duraflex.  The difference is Duraflex has a vinylpolymer top layer, and the Durastone has a top layer similar to Formica (providing a strong, very scratch resistant surface, with hundreds of color and design choices)

Is there a showroom that I can see the material?

– YES!  Please contact one of the following individuals prior to visiting the  showroom. (Jason – 801.636.1197 /John – 801.885.2367)

Showroom Address

Will you take out existing showers and bathtubs when you install the new products?

– Yes. There will be an additional charge if existing unit needs to be removed and hauled away – $50.